Iceland Turf House Workshop

I attended a 4-day turf house construction workshop in Iceland at Tyrfingsstaðir, Skagafjörður. Our instructor - Helgi Sigurðsson of Fornverk ehf - guided us through the reco... read more

Space Becomes Place Residency

I have been invited to participate in the upcoming Space Becomes Place Themed Art Residency in Fengersfors, Sweden. I will be including audio and film work produced during the residency ... read more

English for Microsensor Specialists

I have started a new phase of online English as a Second Language lessons with CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mikrosensorik GmbH based in Erfurt, Germany. As a non-profit organization, CiS F... read more

Mud Talks Podcast Launched

I have launched a new podcast series for Adobe in Action called Mud Talks. In the series, Adobe in Action Board President Quentin Wilson talks about the power of adobe ... read more

Adobe in Action 2018 Online Classes

I have launched another year of online adobe construction classes at Adobe in Action. Altogether, 8 online classes will be offered throughout the year which follow the standard construction sequence of ... read more