I build earthen structures online and in desert locations. In 2005 I traveled to the small mountain village of El Rito, New Mexico to study adobe construction with Quentin Wilson. After more than a decade of learning and field work I now teach a series of earthbuilding classes which guides owner builders through the design and construction process of a healthy and energy efficient home using earth as the primary building material.


I collect audio field recordings online and in rural locations - often beginning with one-on-one interviews as an introduction to a topic or place. Examples of this work can be found in my Mud Talks podcast series. Recently, I have been documenting quiet & rural landscapes and the sounds experienced in them. See my SoundCloud Portfolio for examples of this work.


I make films about remote landscapes and living - often collaborating with artists and musicians I meet during my travels. My early moving images were shot on Super 8. Examples of this analog work can be found in my Music Video Archive. Recently, I have been documenting quiet & remote landscapes and the people and activities observed in them. Find examples of this work in my Cargo Collective Portfolio.