I build earthen structures online and in rural locations. In 2005 I traveled to the small mountain village of El Rito, New Mexico to study adobe construction with Quentin Wilson. After more than 15 years of learning and field work I now teach an Adobe Construction Curriculum which guides owner builders through the design and construction process of a healthy and energy efficient home using earth as the primary building material.


I make sound recordings online and in the field. I often begin with one-on-one interviews as an introduction to a topic or place. Examples of this work can be found in my Mud Talks Podcast Series. Recently, I have begun documenting quiet & rural places and the sounds experienced in them. See my Bandcamp Sound Archive for examples of this work.


I make films about remote places and distant memories. My early moving images were shot on Super 8. Examples of this analog work can be found in my Vimeo Music Video Archive. Recently, I have been documenting quiet scenes unfolding in remote places. Examples of this work can be found in my Cargo Collective Exhibition Archive.